Helping to establish best practices and standards for your modelling, project, and drawings workflows, to ensure consistency and efficiency across your organization.

Our service includes setting up a comprehensive knowledge base to improve communication and information sharing.

The internal knowledge base allows for easy access and sharing of information about projects, processes, and software, leading to improved efficiency and collaboration.

The external knowledge base provides clients with the information they need to understand and utilize products, making it a valuable resource for all stakeholders.

It can include a wide range of content, such as tutorials, user guides, FAQs, and best practices

Creating a modern E-learning concept that allows your team members to access training and educational materials online at their own pace.

With the focus on understanding the content and completing challenging exercises to deepen their knowledge and skills.

We specialize in creating simple, custom-made web applications that can help you streamline your business processes.

One of the types of web applications, are known as CRUD (create, read, update, delete) applications. These allow users to create, view, edit, and delete data in a database with a user interface. This type of application is often used for managing information.